Checklist When Buying a Scooter

scooter riding

Buying a scooter can be tricky, but they are less expensive than motorcycles. Do research first before planning to get a scooter that fits your needs. Get a list of all the trusted and reputable dealers and brands. If you are ready to buy a scooter, iScoot has everything that you will need. The following factors are what you should look into first before buying a scooter:


Replacing spare parts can be hectic if the brand you bought is not common. Spare parts for old scooters and the ones that came in the last ten years are still available.

You might look harder if the brand is new in the market. You need to consult with your dealer to ensure there will be no trouble getting any part of the scooter. When buying a used scooter, you should double-check if there is any part missing.


Ensure your scooter has a valid warranty document. Generally, most brands have a two-year warranty and a proper service plan. A scooter should be serviced after going for around 3000 kilometers. Let your dealer explain the terms and conditions of the warranty and document.

For a second-hand scooter, check if the warranty is still valid. If yes, make sure it is transferred to your name. The previous owner should have an updated service booklet and should provide original registration certificates.


Online stores and dealers usually have special offers. Keep searching for the best available deals but also remember some deals are good to be true. Some dealers may have discounts that include free servicing and helmets. Such deals will save you a lot of money. You can negotiate with the dealer before agreeing on the final price.


Scooters normally have storage space underneath, although you can attach a top box for more storage. Make sure space is enough to fit everything you need to carry.

Some scooters have a little storage space in the front compartment, which is an advantage. Space underneath should be able to fit your helmet and a first aid box, and another separate space to carry your personal belongings.


scootersIn case of an accident and you lose control, the only way to stop your scooter is by using the brakes. Therefore, the brake power should be efficient and stable when you have to grab the brakes for an emergency.

Buy a higher engine capacity with high power, which will give you a low fuel consumption. Low engine capacity has low power and hence higher fuel consumption. Any scooter with an engine capacity above 125cc requires you to have a motorcycle license.


Gather your thoughts and set a budget depending on the brand you like. Keep in mind you will get a helmet and insurance for your scooter. Consider getting used scooters.

They are much cheaper but confirm the background first. Scooters can range from $800 to $5000, with the common brands varying between $2000 to $3000. Some dealers will offer financing in case you are interested.…