Top Fake Pee Brands on the Market

best fake urine

There’s no denying that synthetic urine is the most popular means to pass a drug test nowadays on short notice. Most folks use it purely because of its effectiveness. It has the same characteristics as real human urine.

For that reason, several synthetic urine brands have flooded the market with each claiming to be the best alternative for your upcoming drug test. However, not all of them that claim to be the best is indeed the best.

Here are some of the top fake pee brands that you can consider in the current market;

Quick Fix

fake peeQuick fix is arguably one of the best brands that you can think about in the current market. Its current version is Quick fix 6.2.; and you can rely on it to pass your drug test without much struggle. Interestingly, when you purchase it, you get a batch validator; it’s significant for checking your sample before you submit it in the lab. Furthermore, the package comes with a flip-top cap, a temperature strip, and a heat cap. Also, Quick fix is available in a plethora of sizes, meaning you’ll get what you can afford.

Clear Choice

All the other brands might be great, but there’s none that offers the best way to smuggle the urine into the lab for your test. However, with clear choice, you have everything you need to pass your test without fear.

This incognito belt comes with 1 bladder bag (3 ounces of synthetic urine pre-mixed). Also, it has 2 heat pads and a Velcro adjustment belt that will help you to get your sample into the lab with ease.

Furthermore, it comes with temperature strips that will ensure you get the correct temperature of your urine. The complete instructions along it are an added advantage. The brand also has a 1-year shelf life and is unisex.

Quick Luck

This is the best synthetic urine. In this brand, you’ll find an 88ml container, 2 heating pads, a temperature strip, toxin-free synthetic urine, and 1 heat activator powder.

The good thing about quick luck is that it comes pre-mixed already for your convenience. Also, it has an updated formula that increases your chances of passing your drug test. Also, the formula works for unisex.

It’s a combination of up to 11 chemical compounds for exact pH levels as well as specific gravity.

The heating pads will last for up to 10 hours, meaning in case of any delays, you can heat them several times. The fact that it comes with a heat activator, you’ll be able to get the job done even when under pressure.